Thursday, 1 May 2008

Another almost honest way of ripping your off.

Some of you probably have found scratch and match cards, laying around on the train and bus station.
I have found two of those and discovered that I have won a cash prize. It smells fishy since in order to claim the prize you have to phone or text to specific premium number and the costs of both will be near 9 pounds. After 1 month of waiting I decided to give it a go - I text.
What is the bottom line? I won £5 in cash, but I spend £9 claiming it means I just lost £4 (Assuming that they are honest and actually pay prizes). It's usually called scum or plot.
For those of you, who have found this card (I have seen chap sitting next to me yon the train this Monday found a "wining" card as well) I post wining security codes, so you can check you prize without spending £9 as I did.
654281=£5 (my number)

Next question, should I try to claim something like nintendo? I have another wining card, but again it's 9 quid.
I hope it will help someone, so unless you are really winner don't try to claim it.

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